Sandstone in the garden

Sandstone is widely used in garden design. From hardening the ground, as paving slabs, edging, curbs, elements of rockeries and other compositions to pots, pools, fountains, garden sculptures.


Our offer includes a variety of garden architectural items. Among the many items are beautiful stone garden sculptures. Hand-made garden sculptures, are an original decoration of any garden.

Garden sculptures

Dlugopole sandstone is an original garden stone of universal use. Unique ornaments and architectural elements of gardens are made of this material. Note the exceptional durability of this material, but also the specific character and style.

Its use will certainly bring you undeniable benefits.

On sale are:

-the edges of the swimming pools

– fountains

– split, cut, pointed pots, etc. –
tables, benches
– garden paths
– wall caps, post caps – garden
sculptures and bas-reliefs – garden
fireplaces and barbecues –
paintings –
mill wheels –
wells –
other elements of garden and park architecture.


Do you want to know more about sandstone?

Do you have an idea for an arrangement or an object made of sandstone? We’d love to talk about it!

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