Sandstone paving

Długopole sandstone paving and paving elements. Solid, natural stone such as sandstone Długopole is perfectly suitable as paving. Długopole sandstone paving blocks are durable, elegant. A number of types of paving finishes allow to achieve different kinds of effects.



Solid and durable as granite, yet elegant and stylish paving stones in split, turned and cut forms. This is an excellent option for customers who appreciate the original character of products used to create sidewalks, paths and garden decorations. Sandstone paving stones are very popular in current architecture and construction, they bear the mark of exclusivity, which is why more and more people are eager to use them.

When creating sandstone paving blocks, we try to highlight the most important qualities of this material. First of all, it is durable and is an excellent solution when it comes to creating a sidewalk, a car entrance or an elegant parking lot. Sandstone is also a material with high decorative potential. The intriguing colors can prove to be a very great asset during the execution of various projects.

Piasmar company offers such products as paving blocks, curbs, paving slabs and post-production slabs.

Below you will find a detailed description of each element of the assortment.

Split paving blocks:    –
– dimension 8/11 cm, 1 ton = ca 5 m2
– dimension 6/8 cm, 1 ton = ca 7 m2
– dimension 4/6 cm, 1 ton = ca 10 m2 

Split and turned paving blocks:     –
dimensions 8/11 cm, 1 ton = ca 5 m2
– dimensions 6/8 cm, 1 ton = ca 7 m2
– dimensions 4/6 cm, 1 ton = ca 10 m2 

Cut paving blocks, turned edges: –
– dimensions 10x10x20 cm
– dimensions 10x10x4 cm 

Split curb:     –
dimensions 10x20x40 cm , 1 ton = ca 20 m

Paving slabs: thickness and size according to customer’s order

Post-production slabs: product characteristics in the post-production boards tab


We would be happy to help you implement your idea with sandstone!

Do you want to implement an idea for making an arrangement or object from sandstone? We would be happy to discuss the topic!


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