Sandstone window sills

Dlugopole sandstone window sills are characterized by high durability, elegance. Made of natural stone, the sills are characterized by unique colors. Our sandstone sills are as durable as sills made of other types of stone. Our sandstone window sills can be polished to a high gloss. We produce interior as well as exterior window sills.



Window sills made of stone – Długopole sandstone are characterized by unparalleled sharpness thanks to which they can be used indoors and outdoors. Solid workmanship of sandstone window sills, guarantees satisfaction from use for many years. It is worth emphasizing not only the compact and durable structure of sandstone, but also its unique style, which allows the implementation of interesting aesthetic and architectural solutions. We encourage you to take a closer look at our offer of internal and external window sills.


Looking for a unique exterior or interior window sill?

We specialize in manufacturing durable and elegant custom-made window sills.  We have many years of experience in the production of window sills, our realziactions can be admired throughout Europe.

Sandstone window sills – what to pay attention to when ordering:

– what type of sill we are to make (external or internal)
– dimensions of the sill, i.e. length, width, thickness
( the most commonly chosen thickness is 3 or 4 cm)
– treatments on the surface, i.e. whether the sills are to be smooth matte (grind), or smooth glossy (polish), or rough red (flame)
– treatments on the face, i.e. there can be a straight edge, with a chamfer, rounded, etc.
 – other treatments, i.e. corner rounding, drips, waterproofing

We also offer kitchen and bathroom countertops and bands ( stiles ) around windows and doors.

Do you want to know more about sandstone?

Do you have an idea for an arrangement or an object made of sandstone? We’d love to talk about it!

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