Sandstone facades and elevations

Sandstone facade tiles are a unique, durable and original decoration for buildings. Sandstone facade stone can have a variety of finishes and different shades. A sandstone facade gives a building a unique and luxurious character.



We know very well how difficult it is to select the right facade stone in such a way that it is both elegant and stylish, as well as durable and weatherproof. The combination of these qualities is rare, but encountered. We offer you modern façade tiles, thanks to which it will be possible to finish the facade of any building. These are aesthetics and precision workmanship, as well as the highest durability, that is, the assets that every customer is looking for. Certainly in our offer you will find products perfectly suited to your home.


To make impressive facades and elevations it is necessary to use the best decorative stone. Sandstone tile is the best material for facade.  Creating an original facade design is much easier with sandstone tiles. We assure you that the use of our tiles for facades, allows you to delightfully decorate the exterior walls of buildings, while giving them a modern and prestigious character. Piasmar’s representative decorative stone is certainly an ideal choice for customers looking for the best products on the market.

We make panels for facades of different thicknesses, starting from 1.5 cm ( which are bonded directly to polystyrene foam ), through 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm and so on every thickness.


The assortment of natural, split stone products for facades and walls from Długopole sandstone is very wide.

We offer masonry cladding, bony or split stone ideal for natural stone facades and elevations.
Masonry cladding split stone: –
– irregular pieces of sandstone, split on each side
– thickness from 8 to 15 cm
– 1 ton = ca. 2 to 5 m2
– packed on a pallet, 1 pal. = ca 1.3 tons

Rusticated slabs:
– slabs of the same size
– front rusticated (slated and trimmed along the perimeter), back and edges: cut
– thickness ca 3-5 cm
– standard dimensions: 10×20 cm and 14×30 cm, other dimensions: on request


– tiles/strips of various lengths
– front and back: split
– edges on height: split, edges on length: cut
– thickness ca 1.5-3 cm
– height 4 cm, other size: on request


A natural stone facade has many advantages. Due to its unique patterns and colors, a building with a stone facade will stand out from others. It is precisely the uniqueness of stone that is appreciated through architects and beyond. Our sandstone cladding comes in a variety of shades and shapes which gives a building with a sandstone facade a prestigious and elegant look!

Another incredibly important advantage of a natural stone facade is its durability compared to a standard plaster facade. Stone facades last up to several hundred years. Stone facades can be used only on part of the building. Such a solution provides many opportunities to emphasize or hide certain architectural details.

We would be happy to help you implement your idea with sandstone!

Do you want to implement an idea for making an arrangement or object from sandstone? We would be happy to discuss the topic!


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